A Survey of Social Software Engineering

Posted on the 24 January 2021 by Francesco Lelli @francescolelli
A Survey of Social Software EngineeringA Survey of Social Software Engineering

Software engineering is a complex sociotechnical activity, due to the need for discussing and sharing knowledge among team members. This has raised the need for effective ways of sharing ideas, knowledge, and artifacts among groups and their members. The social aspect of software engineering process also demands computer support to facilitate the development by means of collaborative tools, applications and environments.
In this paper, we present a survey of relevant works from psychology, mathematics and computer science studies. The combination of these fields provides the required infrastructure for engineering social and collaborative applications as well as the software engineering process. We also discuss possible solutions for the encountered shortcomings, and how they can improve software development

Key words: Social Software Engineering, Psychology, Collaborative tools, mathematical techniques.

In this paper you will see:

  • a set of relevant works from psychological and social areas that could be integrated in modern software development.
  • relevant works in building collaborative and social tools
  • a set of references on mathematical techniques that have been or could be used in order to validate ideas around social software engineering.

We addressed the idea of Social Software Engineering by providing a survey of contributions in related areas. We identified and discussed two main subcategories: on the one hand the need to integrate results from social and psychological sciences in the software lifecycle; on the other hand, we outlined the need for engineering social networking services and collaborative tools. As a matter of fact, these applications have been developed independently but they share many use cases. Therefore, by approaching the problem in a systematic way we can try to formalize and improve these classes of applications.
Finally we presented a set of mathematical techniques that have been used for experimental validation of scientific contributions: these techniques may be used as basic blocks for understanding the ideas proposed for social software engineering

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A Survey of Social Software Engineering

PDF also available at this link.

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N. Ahmadi, M. Jazayeri, F. Lelli, and S. Nesic. A Survey of Social Software Engineering In the First International Workshop on Social Software Engineering and Applications, Vol. 1, No.1 pp. 1-12, L’Aquila, Italy, Sep. 2008.

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