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A Step-by-Step Process for the Production of Doors

By Simone Design Blog @HomeSpire

Doors produced in the Industry nowadays, have a gamut of features and add-ons which make their functionality better than ever. There are multiple steps followed during the door production phase. The method varies across the globe and depends highly on the technological advancements currently available in the Industry.

Have you ever been curious how doors are made? Here is a brief guide to step-by-step door production.

A Step-by-Step Process for the Production of Doors
Phase#1 - Graining and Finishing

After the doors are carved out of the decided wood or metal, it undergoes the graining and finishing process. This is accepted as the first step towards door production process across the globe. The purpose of the graining is to ensure that the consistency between the doors and frames is maintained - which is usually degraded during bending and welding of the door. Finishing lends a smooth surface to the door which makes it easier to be painted and varnished. These two consecutive steps add on to the overall quality of the end product. This is particularly important for Custom Closet Doors.

Phase#2 - Laser Precision for Bending and Welding

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting technology has evolved. It takes less time and energy to produce great effects on the metal sheet while using laser precision for bending and welding now than it used to. Contemporary Closet Doors require these processes in cyclic order, bending is performed to shape up the components of the door and by welding these components onto the door. Using these two processes, the frames, knobs, and door design can be customized as per user requirement. These procedures add to the esthetics of the end-product.

Phase#3 - Buffing Grinding and Fitting Hardware

A Step-by-Step Process for the Production of Doors

Buffing grinding is done to hide the blemishes on the surface of the door and removes spots produced due to welding and bending. Special chemicals are employed to carry out buffing grinding. Hardware like door knobs, handles, bolts and other accessories are fitted to the pre-requisite slots on the door. This process is referred to as Fitting Hardware Process in the door production industry.

Phase#4 - Crating and Shipping

Once the processes have been applied to the door, the doors are isolated and packed for shipping to client's addresses. The packaging of doors is usually done using foam, clothes, thermal -coal, wooden crates, and plastic wrap. It is important to pack and ship the doors with utmost care so that no physical part or design is damaged while shipping. This is the last and final step involved in the door production process.

Door production is a unique process. The manufacturing industry has been evolving to produce better doors with better methodologies and designer couldn't be happier. A door is the first thing that welcomes a visitor and gives them an idea of what to expect when entering a home or building. What do you think the doors say about these places?

From colorful to truly bizarre these doors speak for themselves!

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