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A Star Is Born

Posted on the 11 May 2012 by Kaiser31083 @andythemovieguy
A Star Is Born A self-destructive, alcoholic movie star whose career is in a tailspin discovers a bluesy singer at a dive bar and gets her a screen test at the studio. As the two get married and her fame continues to blossom, his pride becomes wounded and he sinks deeper and deeper into drunkenness and despair. "A Star is Born" is an excellent musical remake by director George Cukor of the 1937 classic film that features one of the career defining performances of Judy Garland, who sings all of her own numbers (including the incredible "The Man Who Got Away") to match her fine performance. As her opposite, James Mason is equally impressive as her coy but loving and ultimately tragic husband. Released in 1954, the film is shot in beautiful Technicolor and has an impeccably modern feel. Following its 3-plus hour release, the was trimmed and many (some crucial) scenes were left on the cutting room floor. New prints of the film feature a original dialog over still photographs where removed footage remains missing, which leads to a frustrating but still interesting viewing experience. "A Star is Born" is one of the seminal film of the 1950s, not only a memorable musical but also a gorgeous looking film featuring two monumental performances.

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