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A Sprinkle of Colour!

By Rumtruffle @Rumtruffle7
When I first started blogging I was amazed at how many crafty blogs there were out there. I soon joined in the prize draws and challenges but became very disheartened when I saw how people would create one project and then enter it into as many challenges as possible. The result for me was I stopped entering as I wanted to be challenged along side others who were only looking at the one specification required. 
A Sprinkle of Colour!But I have decided to try again and I am starting with a challenge by A Sprinkle of Imagination who carefully look at entries and these are then judged by the design team who are professionals in the craft industry and not just a random number generator. My entry is below, your comments are welcomed as always! Here is the link if you would like to join in this challenge yourself.
A Sprinkle of Colour!A Sprinkle of Colour!

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