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A Spooky Tastebud Tickling Halloween Review & Competition

By Evette Garside @evette77


It’s October and that means Halloween is on it’s way. In just a few weeks the ghosts, ghouls, zombies, witches and all sorts of tiny terrifying creatures will come knocking at thousands of doors across the UK.
People need be prepared for that bang bang of the door and those 3 famous words! “Trick or Treat”

I find it essential to stock up on sweets for Halloween as I have a lot of children on my street as well as 3 of my own of course.

Swizzles-Matlow have bought out a selection of Halloween themed variety bags which are just perfect for when the ghouls come calling.
The bags all contain assorted selections of Swizzles favourites plus a few new and rarer sweets.



I was delighted to find drumstick lollies and sweets in each of these bags which is a firm favorite sweet of mine and also a very popular Swizzles classic. I also love the love hearts. As you can see there are many childhood retro favourites to be found. The ones that are new to me are the Toff-eee & Fudg-eee which are found in the Chew Crew variety bag.
Loads of lollies in these bags too and always go down well with the trick r treaters.


I found an large empty 3L plastic jar in my cupboards and emptied all the packets of sweets into it. All 5 bags seemed to fill the jar perfectly.


This is just great for Halloween night, but with 3 children and 4 weeks until the big night, I can’t see it still being full like this. Looks like I will have to go buy some more Swizzles packets.

You don’t need to venture far to find Swizzles sweet bags. All supermarkets sell them and probably a few smaller shops too. They can be found in the supermarket sweet aisles or the seasonal themed aisles which most supermarkets have. Prices vary tho usually £1-£3 per bag.

Swizzles are giving away a selection of their sweet bags to one of my blog readers.


The competition is open to UK residents and you can enter by


This competition will end October 23rd at 7PM.

Win competitions at – See more at:

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