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A Southport Memory

By Ozhene @papaver

With things feeling a little bleak at the moment I seem to be spending some time thinking back to happy memories. Whilst I do not believe in wishing my life away and living in the moment matters, taking moments to look back and smile are good too.

A Southport memory

I was out in the garden the other day and I noticed that the Southport Broom was flowering. This is not its real name, in reality it is Cytisus 'Goldfinch'. It is a fine shrub and I always think that Broom is a great Spring flowering addition to any garden. I do not find it very long-living generally, but I know that this one has been in my garden since May 2015.

I know this as I bought it on 13th May 2015 from a small nursery on the outskirts of Southport. I can be this precise as it was the date when I had one of my tattoos completed (yes plural, shush.) I have a routine when I visit Southport, which has had a change a little over time as my 'stop for breakfast' place closed a few years ago, but on the way home it is always a must to stop off at Crosby to have an ice cream and gaze out at the Anthony Gormley 'Another Place' figures. If I can I also pull in a visit to somewhere else as Southport is a bit of hike from Leicester but it depends on what time I leave and various other things.

On this particular May visit my sat nav took me on a detour into town which was a way I had not been before. As I was driving along I saw I was approaching a nursery. Aha! I thought, a plant buying opportunity; I shall stop off on the way home and buy a plant. I pulled in briefly to make a note of the name of the place as I had no idea where I was (sat nav detour, remember). One tattoo session later and I was googling the name of the nursery to find the address. I did not make a mistake and firstly write down the name of the registered office and end up outside a house in a nice Southport Street, no no no, that would be silly. I eventually found the right address and made my way to the nursery.

One cytisus purchase later and I was on my way home again.

A Southport memory

It flowers well every year and the flowers are like flames lighting up the space.

A Southport memory

Once it has finished flowering it disappears into the background and I do not usually notice it very much. Whenever it flowers I stop and look at it and smile. When I was looking on this day I thought about how travelling feels like a dream at the moment, a thing belonging to a previous time yet now feeling just out of reach. I know that life will resume and that we will get through this. Until then I will look on all the memories that grow in my garden, reminding me of people and places, friends and family and I will smile.

Stay safe all.

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