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A Small Thing of Beauty

By Richardl @richardlittleda

Just before I picked this book up to review it, I read a message from somebody in lock-down urging people to share some small thing which lifted their spirits in this grey and heavy time. I believe that this book will do just that.

I have now been a Christian minister for over 30 years, and yet I learnt Cecil Alexander's hymn before I even had a faith to call my own. Sitting cross-legged on the hard wooden floor of our primary school assembly - someone would hammer out the tune on the tired old piano whilst the redoubtable Mrs Preston would urge us to enunciate each word to perfection!

In this gorgeous book, Jean Claude has taken a hymn which is over 150 years old and made it accessible and attractive to those of yet another generation. Each page is filled with rich colour - and enough detail to keep you coming back for a second, third or umpteenth time. There is a special surprise with the 'trees in the Greenwood' too - although I shall leave you to find it for yourselves!

The book will be treasured my many, and will add to the enduring quality of this wonderful hymn.

A small thing of beauty
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