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A Small Disclaimer

By Jennambarry @JennaMBarry

In general this blog is reserved for the wonders of the natural world. It’s too hard, and quite exhausting to care so wholeheartedly about everything therefore most people have particular passions, and mine is definitley biased towards non-human life.

However every now and then I’m moved by efforts of the human kind and the recent popularity of ‘Invisible Children’ is one such cause.

The Kony campaign has really taken off and as with any contentious issue there is rarely unification in opinion. I’m not doubting that differences are valid, but I do find it very sad that whenever there is a real attempt at positive change, resistance is always created.

Why are people disgruntled at this charity for paying it’s staff, renting an office, investing in their film production, etc? Are non-profit workers exempt from earning a living?

I also feel genuinely appalled that others are poking flaws in the campaign relating to the fact that Kony operates outside of Uganda. Invisible Children don’t appear to be suggesting that this is exclusively a Ugandan problem, nor are they ignoring the fact that there are other countries affected. Uganda is simply the place where this plight was first unveiled to them.

I cannot understand why anyone whether American, British, Ugandan, political, journalistic, or regular Joe, would not support the capture of this man.

Joseph Kony’s location, agenda, possible punishment or duration in a country is irrelevant. He captures children, robs them of their innocence, and people are desperately trying to debate the small print. For once can’t we simply just do the right thing?

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