A Sinner's Confessions

Posted on the 13 January 2014 by Meghana Varala
Sin-1  2010
104 degrees Fahrenheit(pch...wasted some time thinking how to type the degreeF on my keyboard :P), the thermometer read. 'It's a typhoid fever' confirmed the doctor after a glance at my blood test reports. It means I grow weaker everyday and have to be taken extra care of with special diets, to my mom. For me it means I don't need to go to the hostel for a few more days. That yayy moment brought an instant joy in my mind but my body isn't supporting a single move as small as a centimeter. I took nearly 30 minutes to cover a distance of 20 feet just to reach washroom from the hall. I should have taken somebody's help to avoid that long journey. Anyway then came my scene of sin, I stepped into the washroom and stamped on a lizard's tail. Poor one, it left its tail and scurried away. I felt disgusting. Imagine a lizard under your feet and that ticklish sensation when it wriggles for its life and get out of your grip.

A sinner's confessions

golden lizard temple,

In Hindu mythology, it is believed to be a bad omen if a lizard falls on you. It does not affect you if you had touched the sacred golden lizard and the silver lizard at the famous temple in Kanchipuram. If you didn't pay a visit, you can touch a person who had already visited them as a remedy. In case you wish to know more about it, you can go to this link (subheaded greatness of the temple). If it's slight touch has such a history, imagine my attempt to murder. I'm not much into these beliefs but at that moment I had nothing to do. My empty brain hosted the lizards workshop. Actually I didn't know about the caudal autotomy of lizards then--the natural ability of tail regeneration incase of its accidental loss. I literally caused myself brain hemorrhage musing what I had done. Later this day I laugh at myself for being unaware of that point of knowledge.
Sin-2  2011
Have you ever seen baby frogs or just-grown tadpoles? They appear to be made up of clay-so small and sensitive. They are mostly seen during rains. When I was a kid I used to think frogspawn evaporates along with water to form clouds, and they grow into baby frogs up in the sky and return to their mothers through rain. I relish those funny and beautiful thoughts even today. Because if I had not started thinking and developed enthusiasm no matter how stupid those thoughts were, I would have been a dumbo. According to me if you are not enthusiastic you never grow better. Well, topic diverted--I missed my point of sin. By now many of you might have guessed it right. I have killed some of them unknowingly. I was shifting a plastic drum from getting wet and these little ones got crushed under it during the process. Ironically they truly seemed to be a bit of mud with no visible organs. Second sin accomplished. I sulk.
Sin-3  2013
A sinner's confessions
This is my personal favorite. If you had seen my prior posts you clearly know I live in a rural place. Variety of wildlife is prevalent in Indian villages so as snakes. We have a garden adjacent to the kitchen. Sometimes these garden residents get lost in their way and mistake kitchen to be their home. Just the way came a little snake creeping in when I was making tea. It was neither too small nor too big. Somehow snakes don't freak me out. I don't scream and jump and rave and run as most others usually do. I believe they don't hurt us unless we try to harm them. I almost had a battle in getting the snake out of kitchen. I didn't wanna kill it. I used wooden poles, sticks and many other unusual weapons. But man, snakes are too swift. I gave up and threw a boot in my hand resignedly. Thats when I discovered the super powers in me. It hit the snake and it didn't move again. What a strong hit!! and the third sin of killing a snake.
P.S - Trust me my dear fellow living creatures-I had no intentions to hurt some of you. But I couldn't help it. From now on protect yourselves as I don't know what I will do in future ;P. Hope I don't get a target again.
P.P.S - Please don't hurt animals because according to the animal welfare act,2011 it's an offense. Yes if you are a non-vegetarian you don't need to stop eating them. If everyone relies on plants how will our race survive :P
Do share your views if my experiences ticked you :-)
Thanks for stopping by....I would be glad to know your views in comments...:)

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