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A Short, Sweet, 2017 Highlights Reel

By Eemusings @eemusings
A short, sweet, 2017 highlights reel

Most people did their 2017 reviews in, er, 2017. Oops.

December was a month of two halves for me: a manic first half, and then a super chilled second half in which I had zero desire to write! Hence this extremely late recap

Work & Money

  • Delivered some cool projects
  • Joined a nonprofit board
  • Landed a new job
  • Got great feedback 4 months in
  • Reached a milestone net worth goal

Home (er, credit mostly to T)

  • Got the veggie garden fenced off
  • Built dog kennels
  • Finished printing and framing photos for the wall
  • Began kitchen renovation


  • Started using the Seven app (lightning quick workouts you can do at home)
  • Experimented with fitness tracking - testing out app + watch device for a friend's startup employer
  • Played Frisbee for the spring season (it's, surprisingly, freaking good exercise)
  • Played touch rugby (though not for the full season)


  • Continued to work on Leila's dog-dog reactivity
  • Had several fun doggy dates
  • Went to two weddings
  • Met two friends' new babies
  • Actually picked up my guitar a few times
  • Did a LOT of inner work on mindset, stress management, etc

I'm impatient to see what 2018 has in store for me - I can't wait! And I may finally be coming out of the blogging dry spell I've been in ... for the first time in months, I've got ideas for new posts brewing. Happy new year indeed.

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