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A Short Note!

By Lambsaved

The measure we give is the measure we get, this is a constant theme in Christianity, where it is ascertained that what we receive reflects what we have given. It is the kind of seed sown by us, which brings us the corresponding fruit of our tree, and we taste of it. It would not be wrong to state that the fruits we taste are the ones of our labor. What have you laboured for will become evident after you’ve tasted of your fruit.Yet god is kind, for he died for us when we were still sinners. This aspect states that we received something even when we were undeserving for it. Why would God do such a thing? Is this what we call love. Doing something for the other, giving a gift especially at the time they are undeserving.A Short Note!For God loves us, because he has created us, we are his wheat.  But how many actually belong to him and love him not because of any worldly compulsions – no one can say, just like no one can tell a real Christian from a fake one. Many firsts will be last and those last will be first.In the meantime, keep walking in the faith.

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