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A Sexy Little ‘Combo’

By Inordinatelyplush @inordinateplush
shy girl and sexy mother pucker
Sexy Mother Pucker – about £7 at Boots / Shy Girl – bought with 6 empties at Mac I’ve had this photo stored for quite a while; it’s not my best but they are two products that I am pretty certain you are all familiar with. As you may notice, I didn’t really venture far away from my all time favorite Hue but all the same, it’s a little too different for me. So paired with my spiffing Sexy Mother Pucker, it makes my lips appear less brown and a little more pink. My face definitely does not suit browns, browny reds or even browny beiges –no. Not that we buy brown lipsticks, but there are a few out there with slight darker, browny undertones –dislike. Shy Girl looks absolutely lush on slightly more tanned skins I think, and even slightly paler skins, but for some reason it doesn’t blend well on it’s own for me - Good job I’m a gloss fan then eh? Quick note: it appears that my little sister and her cronies have discovered Inordinately Plush, during a GCSE English lesson I may add –naughty. When I first started IP I was dubious about introducing it to my family, but they all love my small space of world wide web. So shout out to the girls and my gorgeous sister – yerr – and hopefully one day I can use you as my personal photographer slash blog assistant? Will pay in the form of unwanted beauty box items –haha. Goo-shnight.

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