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A Semianr on Spiritual Healing and Subtle Worlds

By Luphil

Last weekend I visited friends living near Lake Constance. On the highway I was listening to the radio and “blindly” following the navigation device and not so the road signs. I suddenly realised I was near Constance, from where a ferry crosses the lake, and not on the way around the lake as I had planned. I really enjoyed the surprise, for it was short, but very beautiful crossing.

A Semianr on Spiritual Healing and Subtle Worlds

My friends had organised a seminar and workshop with Anton Styger, a Swiss architect, geo-biologist (ecological builder) and, above all, clairvoyant since early childhood whom some people call a ghostbuster. He wrote 3 books about “Experiences with the Intermediate Worlds”, where he tries to help people to understand the invisible aspects of life, so that they too can help themselves when they have problems.

I picked up a young friend at the station and then went to the seminar house, where he was going to conduct a workshop for liberating souls. He is 64 years old, an impressive, translucent and energetic person. He was speaking quite fast, decisive but with a very humble undertone. Numerous stories about “strange encounters” with beings of the subtle worlds illustrated how he is working, helping “shadowy being” to let go of earthbound orientation and orient to the light.

He then did a “group detachment ritual”, where he spoke a prayer and then commanded the elementals present to go. It was a very intense experience.

I then went to the house of my friends, where Anton was also staying. A dinner and a nice conversation concluded the day. And continued next morning at the breakfast table.

Later we went to the  place where about 50 persons had gathered for the seminar. Anton spoke about how a healer works, what are his attitudes and how he can be of help for suffering persons. He explained how you can use a wobble or a tensor for realising the problems from a subtle plane and how clairvoyance can be of help. In the afternoon he went deeper into explaining different causes of diseases, like electromagnetic pollution, and geo-magnetic fields, then more subtle influences from departed souls, astral beings, curses, influences of objects and elementals. For each case he gave fascinating stories to illustrate the problem and how he dealt with it. Many questions were asked and he answered them patiently.

A Semianr on Spiritual Healing and Subtle Worlds

Anton Styger in a conversation with seminar participants.

A Semianr on Spiritual Healing and Subtle Worlds

A beautiful sunset seen from the seminar centre

After the seminar we sat together in the house of our friends for a chat, and I asked him about a problem I had. He explained to me the cause as he saw it and confirmed it with his tensor. And he recommended to use a prayer from his prayer-book – impressive invocations of God and his healing angels for concrete situations.

Later we sat together in a nearby restaurant enjoying the conversation.

A Semianr on Spiritual Healing and Subtle Worlds

View from the window of our friends’ house to the Lake Constance

Next morning after meditation and further talks we visited the nearby village where an autumn fair attracted many visitors. Colourful impressions of flowers, fruits and handicrafts were a beautiful close of this very rich visit filling me with gratitude.

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