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A Scandinavian-Inspired Modern Kitchen

By Dwell @dwell
To celebrate the launch of American Standard's DXV line, designer Susan Serra creates a modern kitchen inspired by Nordic crafts and contemporary furniture. “Scandinavian design is my personal aesthetic favorite,” Serra says. "I wanted the mood to be one of comfort, of casual living, and of beauty." Slideshow Photo

Serra's design firm, Bornholm Kitchen, creates custom cabinetry, which is fabricated in Pennsylvania. For this conceptual space, she opted for robust solid walnut with an oil finish. "The oil finish is easily refreshed," she says. "Scratches can easily be rubbed out with sandpaper and if the surface is re-oiled, it looks like new. Every so often, years down the road, the cabinetry can be lightly sanded and re-oiled—or just re-oiled—for a brand-new look, which is extremely rare in kitchen cabinetry."

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