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A #SachchiAdvice That Changed My Life Forever

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters
A childhood incident, very small though, changes my life forever by planting a great lesson in my mind that not only transformed me forever but helped me a lot in building my character during my professional journey.
I was in seventh standard and was quite pampered by my mother being the only son in my family. On the other hand, my father, having an army background used to be quite disciplined and was always eager to inculcate moral values in all the three siblings, me and my two sisters. My father was practicing Homoeopathy and hence mostly we had all the important medicines at home in my father’s room. It was only on rare occasions that we would take allopathic medicine, only when the things are not getting under control with the homoeopathic medicine. And that rare occasion used to happen quite rare as most of the times the medicine given by my father in case of fever, allergy, cold, cough or otherwise, would work magically.
During my study days, I was quite naughty and an average in studies. Average because I used to play a lot and study least. Still I never failed in any year and used to get considerable marks. My mother used to tell me if I get such marks without studying, probably I can do excellent if I study consistently, that I never did though.
One day when my father was in office, during the day time, I caught cold and sneezing. In the evening my father came from the office and observed I was not in a good shape. He asked me if I had taken medicine naming a particular one that would work in this case. By now I also had learnt at least ten (or probably more) most commonly used medicines at home. I didn’t want to tell a lie but don’t know what made me confirm that I had taken the medicine a while back. Probably he was a good face reader too. He asked me if I had taken the medicine where that particular bottle was lying. I definitely had not taken the pills from any bottle but tried to put my best guess by telling him that the bottle was lying on his medical desk. “Alright”, he said and told me to take him where the bottle of pills was. I still didn’t realize that now I would be caught. I took him to his table but that particular medicine was not there.
My father didn’t say anything in words but his eyes conveyed a message that I still remember and never dare to repeat the same mistake again. Ever! Sometimes a silent advice teaches you a bigger lesson than any amount of words can.

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