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A Rose is a Beter Rose, is a Better Rose / Caffeine is a Pesticide

By Aristippos
A Rose is a beter Rose, is a better Rose / Caffeine is a Pesticide

Coffee Grounds (with saffron) March 2009

April has begun. The sun starts shining more hours and more days in a row and the coffee list continues to grow when it comes to the number of its possible uses. One of them was just mentioned in Kitchen 55, suggesting that banana peels, eggshells and coffee grounds work wonders for roses when scattered on the soil around the rose bushes. In the Rombouts Blog I also found some comments about saving and helping plants with coffee grounds that make reference to the “high nitrogen content”.

It is indeed that time of the year.

We might be quick to say that our very own intelligence has brought us thus far, but this connection between growth and coffee might be much simpler than our complex knowledge. Caffeine is not only conducive to making our system believe, we are not tired. It is a natural pesticide as well, protecting the various plants where it is found.

I would say, this gives us good reason to ingest just the best drops coffee has to offer, instead of leaving it in water too long. That way it tastes better in the cup while leaving enough for the plants to make use of.

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