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A Ripple Conversation with Badmotofinger

Posted on the 03 October 2013 by Ripplemusic
A Ripple Conversation with Badmotofinger I had a chance to send out an email interview with Italian Rockers, BADMOTOFINGER. This band is pure heavymetal and the dedication to the music shows through on both cd and throughout the interview.
Alex-Lead&Rhythm Guitar, HeavyRico-Lead&Rhythm Guitar, Il Reverendo-Vocals, Tommy-Bass Guitar, Barra-Drums&Cymbals
1.   Describing your writing process
- HEAVYRICO - Talking about songwriting, the duration is normally long. It depends obviously by how many hours is possible to dedicate daily to this.  The inspiration is fundamental: every song that I write has its own story, but generally, as soon as a good riff  rises in my head, I play it immediately. When it works I record it on the computer and from there I start to build the whole structure. After the complete recording of the piece I add the general drum line and then I write the score, comprehending the second guitar and the bassline. From the overall track I add the voice melodic line and the lyrics. I finally send the file to the kids and then we work all together in studio to refinish the whole set. I think it’s a good method, because the boys have a precise reference and they are very prepared since the first studio attempt. From this point we work together and we eventually make changes taken from our ideas. For me it’s a very hard work, but with this method the band work is faster. The effective time is not evaluable. We can say that it be done in a relative brief time, mostly because of the modern equipment that today is available for everybody. 10/15 years ago it would be done mostly in practice room with many paper to write! ‘It’s not the end’ was made this way, and when we entered the recording studio, we contacted Logic(il)Logic and we immediately felt tuned with two fantastic persons like Stefano and Oscar. So the album finally born!
- TOMMY -  We have a contract with the label Logic(il)Logic. We are really grateful to them for the trust that they put in us and our music. We had many troubles, mainly because we compressed the realization time to issue the album within may 2013. We all needed to perform a very hard work,first of all HeavyRico that realized himself also all the CD graphics!
2.   You have a killer early thrash/hard rock vibe.
- REVERENDO - Our music is a mix of rough hard rock and old school heavy metal. We chose this sound mix because it includes all the influences and characteristics of the whole band members.
- TOMMY - Our band is loyal to the80’s classic metal school in all its characters that we interpret in a modern way, mainly for the sound aspect. About our choice, we all aged with these musical influences, and this is essentially the music that amuses us!
- HEAVYRICO - It’s surely Heavy Metal, but with many hard rock influences and also thrash ones in some cases. When I compose, I try to create pieces that work good and magnify to the top the band qualities. I don’t care if they can be associated to rock, metal or anything else. What I mainly want is that the songs work good and when it be played by the band it has to be an headshot between the eyes! 
- ALEX -  We were a cover band and we played mostly what we like from Hard Rock to thrash. It’s undeniable that Badmorofinger pieces represent anyway our primary influences.
3.   What's next for badmotorfinger?
- REVERENDO - In the future, we hope to release a follower for our first album. At the moment we would like to play a lot live, also out of Italy.
- HEAVYRICO - At the moment, we concentrate on the live shows to support our  “It’s not the end”. We’re also preparing some surprises for our fans and for who will come to see our next gigs. In the future, we will surely release a second full length.
- BARRA - Many live shows everywhere!
4.   Favorite track on the album
- HEAVYRICO - I should list all of them because of different reasons; each one represents our sound and our creed. It’s difficult to do a classification, because my songs are like my daughters. Maybe I could mention "Beginning of the end" because our new life started with that song. After that we were not a cover band anymore!
- TOMMY - Obviously we love all the album content, born by our hard work, but I personally think that the more representative tracks are "Nightmares", "Loser" and "No second chance". They are a mix between melody and malice. Our imprint is just it!
- ALEX - The ones that I mostly like are "No second chance" and "Loser" for their energy boosted guitar riffs, but I really like also "Nightmares". In every song we tried to express our musical influences and I personally hope that also our fans like it!
- REVERENDO - It’s difficult to choose a single track in the album. They are all very different each other and every song has its own history. If I have to choose one of them anyway, I say "Beginning of the end", because it’s been our first step in the band new course.
- BARRA - I say "Brand new day" ‘cause it’s very fun to play for me, but I can’t do a liking chart, because the HeavyRico’s daughters are nephews of mine! 
5.   A life dedicated to music. Any regrets?
- HEAVYRICO - Absolutely no; I can’t imagine my life without it!
- ALEX - Not at all!
- TOMMY - No music, no heartbeat. Do you understand?
- BARRA - My only regret is that I stopped my musical activity for 20 years, due to several problems. Now I would like to regain all the lost time!

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