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A Rat Flying Through the Window Or Doing Much by Doing Nothing

By Luphil

A friend from Douala, Cameroon, with whom I have a regular e-mail exchange, wrote me yesterday the following lines, which show an original way of dealing with adversaries – and a spiritual one, too:

“This morning while I was meditating somebody threw a rat through my window. My windows are always opened. The rat in Cameroon has the same symbolic value that you may find among cultures in the western world and surely elsewhere – that must have been strong probably before the democratization of sanitary measures.

I live in a highly popular neighbourhood which may not be hard to visualize for you as you are a regular of India and maybe some other places too. I have a bad reputation as many think I am a kind of witch as my way of life, Ancient Wisdom “obliges”, …. is quite different from most people… Somehow they resent what I interpret maybe wrongly as the consequence of the timid manifestation of the soul in me.

I have been the subject of many disagreements so, to try not to educate people but maybe to attempt to be more open so that they would understand that there was nothing dark in what I did. Lately I started an open door policy and tried and explained everything I did. Fair enough though …. as I received so many good advices from the outside, it was only fair that I did try and find a way to transmit these. So I was surprised this morning to see this lemurian looking at me in the eyes…..The fact it was not dead means however I am not considered as the worst witch ever…. Good news.

However, what was more worrying is that although I do not know who it is specifically, my “neigbhours” did not hide themselves and carried on making some noise so that I knew they were still around. It was early morning, still dark. Clearly, they did expect me to go out to chase them.

Well instead, I prepared myself a tea which I started to drink yesterday. Many spiritual people seem to drink this beverage so I though even if it does not make a 9th degree initiate out of me, it cannot be bad….

Ludger, it is a great drink indeed. I am sure if you did recommend it on the WTT web page much more people would join you…..

While I was drinking, I had this weird thought which came to me out of nowhere!!!!!!! I thought : Thanks god I have some tea… Have seldom been happier in my whole life..The dark point is that the realization of that fact made me subsequently unappreciative of the flavour of the drink. Of the specialness of this unsearched moment I became busy trying to analyse why I was filled with happiness…. Bloody mental…. However, few moments later though, I knew that by doing nothing I had done much and I had won.

Unavoidably a question: You are a long time tea drinker I understand: How many cups are there safe to drink a day?

A Rat Flying through the Window or Doing Much by Doing Nothing

A curious rat – from Wikipedia

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