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A Rare Eggs Benny Sighting In Portugal

By Gail Aguiar @ImageLegacy

Eggs Benedict @ Mez Cais, Lisbon

You know life is pretty easy when the biggest decision of the day is choosing between Eggs Divorciados and Eggs Benedict at a Mexican restaurant in Lisbon.

I was torn. There’s a dearth of Mexican restaurants in Porto and the two that I know of, I haven’t stepped foot into (yet?). So, do I order Mexican food at Mez Cais or succumb to my craving for Hollandaise sauce? The answer is above.

I tried to put in a request for the eggs to be poached longer (versus runny), but our server looked at me blankly and I had to enlist Paulo’s help to describe poaching (the good kind).

In the end, the Eggs Benny turned out very well: tangy Hollandaise, fluffy eggs that weren’t runny, and thinly-sliced ham that wasn’t too salty. The price tag was a nice bonus: €6.50. Lisbon’s an awfully long way to go for an Eggs Benedict, but at least I know where to find it next time I’m around Cais de Sodre at brunch time.

A tip: order the hibiscus juice (€2). So good!

hibiscus and lemonade @ Mez Cais, Lisbon

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August 14, 2016
Album: Lisbon 2016

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