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“A Racist . . . a Con Man . . . a Cheat”

By Fsrcoin

“A racist . . . a con man . . . a cheat”Old news — to anyone paying attention.

Yet Republicans continue denial of reality. Evolution, climate change, and Trump’s moral depravity. Despite their longtime righteous preening. Remember “The Moral Majority?”

Republicans at Wednesday’s hearing hysterically flayed Michael Cohen as a liar. As if he falsely smeared a good honest president because . . . well, why?

Yes, Cohen lied before. Lied, indeed, for Trump. Now searingly candid about what a fool he’d been, letting himself be corrupted, paying a very heavy price. And pointedly warning those Republicans they’re on the same road to perdition.

“A racist . . . a con man . . . a cheat”
Nevertheless, they persisted. Undaunted in their Cohen-bashing orgy. Asking not a single question about Trump. Not even about, for example, the smoking gun check, emblazoned with Trump’s own flamboyant signature, of which he’d denied knowledge, that constituted both a criminal violation of campaign finance law and plain old financial fraud.

Nor, one radio reporter noted, did Republicans in the hearing ever actually try to defend Trump. Why not? They can’t.

“A racist . . . a con man . . . a cheat”
Nor did they seem to realize, so fixated on painting Cohen as the scum of the earth: if that’s true of Trump’s closest henchman, what does that say about Trump himself?


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