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A Quick Routine to Help Busy Moms Pamper Themselves

By Ty Watson

With busy schedules and dozens of responsibilities, it's easy for moms to feel like they don't have time to take care of themselves. But if you're a mom who wants to pamper herself, or just be healthier and happier, there are small ways to make that happen every day. From focusing on your sleep schedule to taking time to treat yourself, here are some simple ways that you can start taking better care of yourself as a busy mom.

Find a Way to Treat Yourself

One of the hardest things for moms to do is find a way to treat themselves. When you spend all your time and efforts doing nice things for others, it's good to do something for yourself. Buy a book and take the time to read it, spend time on a hobby you enjoy, or pick up a new bottle of your favorite Burberry perfume to wear for special occasions. Treating yourself is just as important as treating your children to the things and activities they love.

Go to Bed at 10 p.m.

Sleep is important for your health. It can help you feel more rested and energized, more productive throughout the day, less stressed out about taking care of your family members and household duties, more relaxed and less anxious, and confident that you have time to enjoy life. Sleep deprivation is linked to a host of negative physical ailments such as weight gain and heart disease. Not only that, but lack of sleep may leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed all day long.

Get up at 6 a.m.

Get up when the world is still sleeping. This is going to be your new favorite time of day. Not only does it give you a chance to start your day feeling energized and refreshed, but it also gives you some alone time before everyone else wakes up. If you have kids, this will be an opportunity for them to see what a healthy morning routine looks like, even if they don't wake up with you just yet.

Meditate for 10 minutes

Meditation has become a trendy topic, with many people touting its benefits as a way to de-stress and find clarity. Others find this time to be better suited for prayer and religious devotion. Either way, these practices can help you sleep better, focus better on the tasks at hand, and make you more empathetic toward others. It also has been linked with less rumination about negative thoughts or feelings, and even lower blood pressure.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by life's demands and responsibilities, try taking ten minutes each day just for yourself or your faith. Turn off your phone, sit in a chair, and take deep breaths through your nose and blow out your mouth.

Stretch Your Muscles

Stretching is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. It improves your range of motion, which can help with posture and circulation. It also has other benefits including helping you sleep better, reducing stress, helping you stay flexible and strong, and even reducing the risk of injury.

Take a Hot Shower

Taking a hot shower is one of the easiest ways to treat yourself. The steam and warmth will relax your muscles and clear your mind, while the sound of running water can help drown out any noise that might be coming from outside. Hot showers are especially good for relieving stress and anxiety, thanks to their calming effects on the nervous system. They also have a positive effect on blood pressure and heart rate. If they are elevated, taking a hot shower has been shown in studies to lower them back down again.

Make a Healthy Breakfast

Unless you are doing something intentional like intermittent fasting, eating breakfast first thing in the morning is important. No matter when you eat your first meal, make sure it's nutritious and filled with healthy fats and protein. This will help you feel more satiated, and helps to reduce food cravings throughout the day. Plus, making it at home is more affordable than buying something from the grocery store or donut shop on your way to work.

Focus on Tasks for the Day

While people think it's possible to multi-task, the truth is you can only do one thing at a time. Make a quick list of what needs to get done and do it. Finish a task, then move on to the next. Don't worry about what you did or didn't do yesterday, or what you will do tomorrow. And also try not to worry about the things you can't control, change or predict. You can only do the next thing that's in front of you.

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