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A Quick Meditation and Note About Me

By Hanumandass @HanumanDass

A Quick Meditation and Note About Me

Joy in sorrow

Pain in pleasure

…of which these are One,

to You,

The Experiencer

of experience…

The Witness to

the panorama

of the melodrama.

Dharma is to do without

…being the doer.

The bliss of effortless

involvement in…



The above is the result of a thirty minute meditation session tonight. I call the product of my sits, the ‘insight’ I gain, my Clear-Mind. It’s a moment, an experience, an embodiment of viveka (discrimination). These moments are like joyous dispassion towards the unreal and an embracing of the Crest Jewel of Discrimination. Perhaps it is zen-mind, but I’m sure someone will disagree. But beyond agreeing or disagreeing is the Truth (Satya). Whatever you wish to call the moment of Clear-Mind it’s nothing more (or less) than the naked experience of reality and a concurrent intuition of Self or Not-self. It doesn’t need to be called any-thing or assume any form. It simply Is, Being-Consciousness-Bliss.


I most likely won’t be around here on the blog over the next 6-8 weeks since my third son Kile Maddox will be arriving soon, nature willing! Plus the holidays are upon us and all the activity that rolls with that. So my posts here may be sporadic or non-existent as I tend to worldly concerns on the homefront. Thanks to everyone who keeps up with the blog and enjoys what I share. I hope to be back relatively soon with new material, the stuff of the joyous experience of Life.


Hanuman Dass

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