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A Quick Guide to Wearing a Collar Chain

By Attireclub @attireclub
A collar chain is a small piece of jewelry that connects the tips of a shirt's collar. Collar chains may be small, but they can change the entire tone of your look. If you want to wear a collar chain, there are a few things you should consider in order to get great sartorial results. A Quick Guide to Wearing a Collar Chain

Style. Of course, the first thing you want to think about when wearing a collar chain is what it is going to look like. Collar chains are highly visible, given that they are placed right at your neck, which is visually the narrowest part of one's body, thus, making everything on it look very prominent, especially if it is double, if it also features a bar of it is highly decorated. Think of whether the collar chain matches the message you want to convey about yourself and whether it is of a high quality - otherwise, it can cheapen your look even if everything else looks great.

Moreover, you should consider the look and proportion of the collar chain itself: the pieces that are pinned to your collar should be in proportion to the width of the chain. Thus, a frail chain is probably best supported by smaller, more fragile ends, while a bulkier chain should be supported by bigger pins.

A Quick Guide to Wearing a Collar Chain
Size. As any accessory, collar chains come in different sizes and weights. Some are thicker, others are narrower. The key to choosing the right size for you is to pick something that is proportionate to your body. Men with smaller or narrower frames should wear smaller and thinner collar chains, while bigger men can opt for heavier styles. We would not recommend doing it the other way, as a thin man with a big chain on his neck may look dragged down and a bigger guy with a small chain may look choked. Of course, middle-sized men should go for chains that are not very chunky or very small and also have more leeway to a bit to one direction or the other.

Tie or no tie. Collar chains can be worn both with or without a tie. However, if you want to wear them with a tie, make sure that they glide over the tie easily or that you can pin them to the center of the tie knot. Otherwise, you can look messy with a chain that does not fall well on the tie.

It also needs to be mentioned that regardless of whether you wear a tie or not, you should always close all the buttons of your shirt - wearing a collar chain with an open shirt (even if one button remains unbuttoned) will most likely look sloppy, as collar chains are made to add structure to your look and opening up your shirt will, in this case, throw off the structure.

A Quick Guide to Wearing a Collar Chain

The setting. Collar chains are usually to be worn in more dressy contexts such as special events, the theater or a wedding. They don't really go with casual shirts, polo shirts or in very casual contexts. This, however, does not mean that you can't wear them with a day to day outfit. We would, however, not recommend wearing a collar tie in a boardroom meeting or a similar context, as it will draw a lot of attention to it and may distract people from the things you say or want to communicate.

Collar chains and other accessories. Also, as a general accessories rule, we don't recommend wearing too many accessories at one time, especially if they are all in the same part of your body (in this case, the upper body). For example, if you wear a collar chain and tie, you probably shouldn't also wear a lapel pin, a pocket square, etc. Keep it simple, for best effects. Surely, this does not mean you can't make it work: for example, if you wear an asymmetric collar chain, which has more "weight" on the left collar, you can wear a pocket square your pocket on the right side, in order to balance the pin of the chain and get an overall balanced, cohesive and coherent look.

Additional information

Most collar chains are usually metallic and many men have issues with accessorizing metallics. However, truth be told, in fashion, metallic surfaces (gold, silver, etc.) are neutral and can be thus matched to any color and even to other metals. For example, if you wear a silver collar chain, you don't have to worry about it not matching with your gold watch.

Collar chains are still rather rare, which makes them great for men who want to stand out. If you choose the right collar chain for you, you can style up your outfit in no time and look polished and sophisticated. Collar chains are very dressy and add structure to an outfit. Thus, they will communicate the fact that you do invest time and effort in your style and that you are very detail-oriented.

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