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A Quick Fix Provided by Golf Clinics

By Golfforbeginners
Golf clinics are not only fun but they are also educational and may offer a quick fix (and an a-ha moment) when you need it most!
After attending a local golf clinic last week at Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center, I realized that the problems faced by many golfers also resonate with me - I slice at times, am off balance, sway a little - basic issues amateurs face if not corrected regularly by a qualified teaching professional.

Why should you attend a golf clinic?

golf clinics
A group lesson is a great way to review the basics of the golf swing.
At first, you receive an overview of the fundamentals to a reliable golf swing - grip, alignment, stance, posture (remember to GASP). Next, everyone hits golf balls while the teaching pro goes around to each station and, one-by-one, gives you the single best improvement you should practice for your particular golf swing at the moment he/she sees you.
Sometimes, the fix is a real revelation!
A few golf tips I learned during the clinic given by Dale Ketola, Director of the Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center:
- Learn one step at a time and practice the first step.
- Never try and learn multiple improvements
- Taking your lesson from practice to the golf course: How long does it take to translate the lesson to memory? It takes hundreds of golf balls to ingrain muscle memory and stop thinking about what you are doing!
- Practice with a purpose: don't just go out onto the range and bang balls - think about the lesson and what you have learned and apply it each time you step up to hit a shot.
If you break down the learning process into easier, smaller fixes, and practice regularly, your golf swing will improve and the golf clinic will have proved successful.
Have you found a value to attending golf clinics? Let us know in the comments section of our Golf for Beginners blog and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.

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