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A Pressing Need For Afforestation

Posted on the 29 May 2012 by Pratnala @PratNala

The world is getting tougher to live into by each passing day. And never till date, has humanity being faced with so many natural adversities. Earthquakes, cyclones, landslides, all have been grappling the world too hard! Which, therefore questions us on how sustainable was our development, and where are we headed?

The present developments in the world are not at all prepared to face a global environmental crisis while it is standing feebly on getting itself stable from economic to sovereign crises.

A Pressing Need For Afforestation

Carbon stocks and flows in the European forest sector

Still, as an undergrad student of engineering discipline I believe that technology can only pull us out of this façade. One question to ask is how we play our part in managing the environmental resources of the world and more importantly does it actually make a difference?

Yes. It does.

The differences cannot be measured in few months or years, (in some cases may even take decades) but that’s not the way to look at it. The benefits of planting trees are known to everybody either through observing around or the so called hard way – schooling!


It goes like this:

A Pressing Need For Afforestation
Afforestation is the only method to maintain the ecological balance of our environment. A single tree not only just plants itself but fosters a lot of biotic species around it. Its advantages do not completely overweigh the reason why it’s done but tremendously help us and more importantly the cause. Prime importance of it is that brings down proper rain. Forests also have a lot of medicinal species and this can help us discover new and improved medicines to combat diseases.

Economist thought:

Our country, where agriculture still forms a major employment sector this factor cannot be overlooked. Secondly, it reduces global warming by controlling the level of the greenhouse gases. In a way it checks our pollution level and avoids acid rain.

Environmental activist:

An unseen effect is protecting our fertile soil. Good afforestation practices atop the mountain helps the river flow underneath and not to shed their banks. In recent years, India witnessed many flash floods in her state of Bihar, West-Bengal and the Sunderban delta region. Mass forest agriculture where many trees were uprooted for agriculture and later paid the price of fertile soil, floods which led to an epidemic.

And lastly from a Nature-lover, part-time photographer:

How many of us have turned into poets or remembered them on a visit to countryside? That is the beauty of various types of forests. Besides, it heals your mind from prolonged stress and takes you completely away from your monotonous lifestyle.

A Pressing Need For Afforestation

A lush forest is of great value to the economy and to the environment

Giving due respect to everyone above, India hasn’t taken any significant step in looking into large-scale afforestation drives except the first recorded event of Chipko Movement, which took place in 1731, led by Amrita Devi where 363 Bishnois sacrificed their lives while protecting green Khejri trees, considered sacred by the community, by hugging them, and braved the axes of loggers sent by the local ruler. Today, it is seen as an inspiration and a precursor for Chipko movement of Garhwal.

A Pressing Need For Afforestation

India hasn’t had a large-scale environmental movement since the “Chipko” Movement

Sadly, from 1731 to present municipal authorities haven’t turn over a new leaf and on the contrary are giving permissions to bring down trees obstructing footpaths in the name of transplanting them. There is ‘The Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 but is ineffective due to flaws in it. There’s a need to add innovative and functional amendments to it. Steps to combat value in the name of like, an environmental clearance required to clear a mega development project by the Cabinet Ministers is applauded presently but are also finding ways around it like compensation to add to CSRs, awareness drives, etc.

The future reckons with India receiving $10.2 billion investments in clean energy, which lists us in one of the top performing clean energy economies in 21st century but that has its share of opportunities to be tapped. And responsibilities too. We ourselves are left to look into how one can harness the cause of afforestation and economically. Being a developing country, India has enormous potential to directly make investments in clean energy without fossil fuels.

Since just initiation of afforestation drives is not enough, but one must look into to protect growth of flora until it sustains itself. This task can be carried out with the help of various NGOs which can take legal action, if needed. No doubt, the work of committed individuals for a worthy cause will be questioned but one must remember that nor does Mother Earth will forget and express her gratitude through bountiful giving to her children and generations to come.

What do you feel about afforestation? Is it necessary or not? Sound off in the comments and follow us on our brand new Twitter account @ReflectionsPN.


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