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A Prayer for Global Health and Healing

By Luphil

End of December 2020, Master KPK (Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar) launched an appeal to form triangles to fight Corona with collective prayers. He informed:
“This work of health and healing is an order from Hierarchy. They have a wing for health service under the order of goodwill. It is for the human kind at large and not for any religion.”
He called for participation in the World Health and Healing Order as an opportunity given by Hierarchy:
“We are given this gift of World Health and Healing Order from the Hierarchy. They released energies through this order and they asked me to be in the center of it. They have fixed me to it and said, ‘You be the third point of every triangle’.
It is already a challenge to people to find an agreeable person. It is a pity if that is so. Christ said, ‘If three of you are together, I will work with you.’ … Master Djwhal Khul gave the science of triangles.
The existing triangles are not very effective. So, they stepped down and they said, ‘Let at least two persons relate to you (Master KPK) to form a triangle’. Let us fight corona with love and compassion and not with hate. At least we should be neutral if not in love.
You remember, corona is a huge personality without a soul. If you have a huge personality without a soul, it is the phantom that is creating a kind of illusion in all of us. It has to be related to with compassion. We can cure with love, compassion and friendliness. This corona is a huge phantom with no direction other than the direction that we show. The more you fear, the more you attract to you. Therefore, the pandemic approaches you. So, don’t fear and request it to dissolve.
The ‘World Health and Healing Order’ (WHHO) is a higher order which builds the bridge between us and the Hierarchy. Therefore, as many as possible, kindly join. Please only send a message by email and you will all receive a number later confirming your registration. … Do not be lethargic and be alert to join this order.”

He informed that anyone can make a triangle with him and another triangle partner – they should then register the triangle via email to an address which is exclusively conceived for this purpose. For participation, he advised age as 10 years and above.
A friend from Denmark is operating this account – there were so many emails coming in that we installed a mailing list for information to the network of triangle members.

You can read his full appeal and the prayer on the WTT website, with further information, audio and video recordings of the prayer.

The group prayer is to be done on Thursday and Sunday at noon time (12 am) as per the local time:
“If you are at work at that time, you can take a short break, relate to the energy then and later complete the prayer in the evening. It should be done before the sun sets. It is a new way of meeting the world’s needs and serving the world – collective prayer to benefit larger communities. There is no sect in it and we keep working with it. Therefore, we gain the eligibility of being in the presence of the energy of Hierarchy.
Please inform all the members of the group, your like-minded friends and family members, and do this prayer. … If we all pray together at respective local meridian time, you can imagine how much healing energy we can bring down from the higher circles. And then with love and compassion, we can slowly neutralise and even dissolve this pandemic and even other sicknesses prevailing on the planet. So, we need to submit ourselves more and more to the plan of Hierarchy.”

Thursday and Sunday there are joint prayers on Zoom 12 am Central European time zone, at least for the beginning time. Find information on Telegram.

A Prayer for Global Health and Healing

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