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A Post Shift Shift

By Blairbarnes
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After a rigorous work shift in which a man labors physically and

doesn’t earn the wage at which he feels valued, he can find solace

in only one thing. Well, two if you want to be technical: a shot and a

beer. Also known as a beer and a bump (although where I come from a

beer and a bump is a much different remedy.) Many call this cure a


It is believed that the term boilermaker is in reference to the men

who built steamships in the 1830’s. After a hard days work, sweaty

and weary, these men would find their way to their local tavern, and

the local doctor would prescribe what he knew best. A shot and a


A shot and a beer. Simple and perfect. For the deed, I prefer whiskey

these days, chased with a watery lager. If the night is promising to

be an upbeat one, I’ll substitute in a shot of tequila. In various

regions the shot changes. Grand Marnier in DC, Jameson in New York,

Jack here, Jager there. Best to go with whatever the locals drink.

Anything with a proof around 80 will do. As for the beer, I like a

light, almost flavorless pilsner. I’m just using it as water anyway.

Something to give me the illusion of refreshment and hydration. A

palate cleanser to help me appreciate the shot.

There is alchemy being performed here between our humble shot and our

unassuming beer. The shot runs inward and warms to the core. The beer

washes over and cools. The majestic ebb and flow of life is revealed.

A certain magic engulfs the drinker.

The first shot and beer might not get you drunk, though if the day is

right, they could leave you with a blissful buzz. What the shot and

beer are sure to accomplish, in only an instant, is to cleanse you of

the day. The stresses, the pains, the worries, all wash away as that

sweet nectar flows down your throat. It is the reset button. It is

shaking the etch a sketch. It is the ferry ride from the work world to

the next. Whatever the cost of the shot and the beer, it is just your

payment to the ferryman. You are thankful to pay it and you tip the

man well.

You are now free to laugh at the troubles of your shift without

bringing up the rage they filled you with. You can talk about your

true passion without being suppressed by the dreariness of your daily

grind. You can look at that girl across the bar without the shame of

how you spent your day. You were emptied of your mundane degradation

the moment the shot glass clicked down hollow on that bar top. So go

ahead, give her a smile with a little smirk to it.

You are fresh. You are newborn and enjoying just being alive. Another

shot and another beer and you just might remember how perfect you

already are. You might remember how celestial a moment can be, and

that you are only in this moment. You might remember that right now is

all you need. You might remember that you spent your day working hard;

you gave the day all you had, and there is honor in that. You did your

job well, and today, that is enough.

Tomorrow it will be enough too. But you might not remember, at least

not until you have had your shot and your beer.

- Matt

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