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A Plurality Of Republicans Say Their Party Is On Wrong Track

Posted on the 19 July 2016 by Jobsanger
A Plurality Of Republicans Say Their Party Is On Wrong Track
The party of crazy White people (i.e., the Republican Party) started it national convention yesterday, and it got off to a very rocky start. In a silly move, those running the convention highlighted the division within the party.
The issue was on the party's rules. The "Stop Trump" movement wanted to amend the party rules to unbind convention delegates, and they wanted their voices heard in a roll call vote. They did not have the votes to amend the party rules, and it would have been smart to allow the vote and then move on.
But the Trump forces, who are in charge of the convention, chose another path. They decided to pass the rules on a voice vote, and not allow a vote on the amendment to those rules (even though the required number of states had submitted a petition to allow the vote). In other words, they violated their own party rules, and ran roughshod over the minority (who just wanted to be heard).
This caused a melee, with the minority causing enough disruption that the convention was halted for several minutes. And television viewers were treated to some Republicans calling the Trump forces "brownshirts" and "fascists". It showed that the Republican Party is far from unified at the current time -- and broadcast that division to the nation.
This unhappiness of many Republicans is also reflected in a new poll. It is the Morning Consult Poll -- done between July 8th and 10th of a random national sample of 613 self-identified Republican voters.
The poll showed that a plurality of Republicans (46%) say the Republican Party is on the wrong track. Only 40% say it's on the right track, and 14% don't know what to think about the mess Republicans find themselves experiencing.
The Republican Party is NOT unified -- and it's questionable whether Donald Trump can unify them before November.

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