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A Playdate with The Happy's #TheHappys!

By Ann @foodieinwv
#sponsored: I received free products in order to host this Cepia, LLC sponsored MommyParty. As always the opinions expressed are solely my own.

A Playdate with The Happy's  #TheHappys! Both of my kids love animals. My oldest son had a complete meltdown at the pet store a few weeks back when I wouldn't allow him to have a fish, there was crying and lots of theatrics. Luckily they also love stuffed cats and dogs. This works well for me in the sense that they can still play with the animals without my house being overtaken by four legged friends (we already have 2 dogs and 3 cats). Recently I was given the opportunity through MomSelect to host a playdate for The Happy's, which was a perfect fit for my animal loving kids.
Here is what came in the party kit:
  • 4 The Happy's pets, three dogs and one cat (including 12 AAA batteries)
  • Werther's Original Caramel Popcorn
  • Themed activities and recipes
The Happy's pets come with a remote control bone which allows them to do special tricks. They will move around the floor once you hit the button on their back and will turn back off once the button is pushed again. They do various tricks such as beg when the remote on the treat is pressed. My party kit included one kitten-Mittens, and three dogs, plus a play ball.
A Playdate with The Happy's  #TheHappys! The party kit also came with snack recipes for punch, puppy chow, a treat dip, and roll ups. I decided to use recipes that I already had, except I did make the puppy chow, since my kids always love it. For the food I kept it simple, finger sandwiches, vegetables and dip, drinks and a dessert. I also served the caramel popcorn, which was a huge hit. The popcorn was delicious. My husband and I both remarked that it would be a brand we would buy since it literally tastes like caramel candy on top of popcorn, so good!
A Playdate with The Happy's  #TheHappys! The toys have been a big hit. They are cute with or without the battery being activated. I will say that the noise can be a little much after a while, if you are noise sensitive, you might want to take the batteries out after your kids move on to new toys. That's true of most electronic devices and toys aimed at kids, so this toy is no different.
Here is a link to a cute video of the happy dance, my youngest thought it was fun!
A Playdate with The Happy's  #TheHappys!

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