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A Perfect Wine Pairing

By Marialiberati

By: Morgan Weindel

This week’s episode of The Maria Liberati Show talks about wine. With more and more people
consuming and enjoying wine, Maria tells her listeners about this beautiful drink.

She tells her listeners about the beauty of wine and how to pair the right wine with their
favorite foods. Maria also gives her listeners a delicious dessert to pair with their favorite
bubbly wine.

Later in the episode, Maria sits down with Laura Donadoni. Laura is certified in wine and talks
about her passion for this delicious drink.

The Beauty of Wine

To begin the episode, Maria tells her listeners about the beauty and historical significance of
wine. She says, “The wines here aren’t just any ordinary beverage. There are works of art filled
with history that enhance all five of the human senses.”

Maria discusses the beautiful scenery and delicious wine found in the regions of Italy. After
talking about the beauty, she educates her listeners on how to correctly pair wine with meals.
She recommends pairing red wine with pasta and white wine with seafood and lighter foods.
Maria tells her listeners, “A Glass of wine should always be accompanied by a food that
coordinates with its particular taste. Pair that wine with an appetizer or meal and really
concentrate on the taste that is on your pallet so you really understand what you are

A Delicious Dessert

After educating listeners on how to correctly pair wines with food, Maria gives them a delicious
recipe to try. The recipe is for Ciccolata e Amore, a delicious chocolate dessert. Maria tells
listeners to pair this dessert with a bubbly bottle of Braccheto D’Acqui.

The recipe is very simple and requires eggs, dark chocolate, liquid coffee, butter, sugar, and
ladyfingers. Listen to this week’s episode to find out how to make it!

The Italian Wine Girl

Later in the episode, Maria sits down with Laura Donadoni. Laura runs the blog, “The Italian
Wine Girl,” and has a profession in the wine industry.

Laura discusses with Maria not only how she became certified in the wine industry but gives
tips for people hoping to become certified as well. The two discuss the beauty of wine in Italy
and the difference in wine throughout the world.
Check out this week’s episode to learn more about Laura and her blog, “The Italian Wine Girl.”

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