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A Peek Inside My Make-Up Bag

By Britishcouture

A Peek Inside My Make-Up Bag

01 Foundation: The Body Shop Moisture Foundation SPF 15 Shade 05 £13.00
02 Bronzing Brush: The Body Shop £16.00
03 Foundation Brush: The Body Shop £12.00
04 Baked-To-Last-Blush: The Body Shop £12.00
05 Lightening Touch: The Body Shop £14.00
06 Eyeshadow Brush: Boots
07 Brown Eyeshadow in Mardi Gras: 17 @ Boots
08 Stay Perfect Metallic Eyes Pencil: No7 £6.50
09 Lash Adapt in Deepest Black: No7 £12.95
10 Exceptional Definition in Black: No7 £11.00

I have seen a few other bloggers sharing what their daily make-up routine is and reviews on what products they use on a daily basis so thought I'd share mine. So here's a sneaky peek into my make-up bag. I am really not one to go for the big brands with the big price tags and tend to stick to products that I love. Over the years I have tried lots of different make-up brands and in the last 3 years or so I have stuck with the same products. Most of my make-up is from The Body Shop and No7 at Boots, minus my 17 eyeshadow.
01 Foundation: The Body Shop Moisture Foundation SPF 15 Shade 05 £13.00I can't recommend this foundation more. If I could I would stand on the tallest building and shout it to the entire world. I have been extremely fortunate with my skin ever since I was a teen. I believe your foundation should be packed with moisture, as there's nothing worse than a foundation that dries your face out, and that ends up going patchy and crummy. The Body Shop Moisture Foundation is full with so much moisture, that it almost feels like a moisturising cream as opposed to a foundation. In my local Body Shop the staff are so attentive, and listening to your every needs to ensure they match the correct product to your skin type and color. The Body Shop also have some of the best offers, and I highly recommend getting a loyalty card, free of charge, and you get a gift on your birthday! I can safely say I will be hard to budge on this one, aslong as they keep producing it. I already have stocked up another 3 ready for the winter. Now that says something.
02 Bronzing Brush: The Body Shop £16.00This cute little bronzing brush is quite pricey for the size, however it's perfect to fit into your make-up bag. The brush hairs itself are amazing. It has to be one of the softest blusher brushes I have ever come across, and I have tried a fair few. They are almost like silk which means the application is also great as the blusher just glides across your face giving a light coating of color as opposed to having too much.
03 Foundation Brush: The Body Shop £12.00 Again the foundation brush is a great buy. I remember the days when you use to put foundation on with your fingers or with a sponge, I cringe now if I see any girl trying to put foundation on with her hands. Foundation brushes are the key to a good even coverage, and to get into every little corner of your face. The brush hairs on this one too are also extremely soft. The hairs remain intact, as some brushes tend to lose their hairs after a while.
04 Baked-To-Last-Blush: The Body Shop £12.00Now during the summer I use the Bourjois Bronzing Powder, and I occasionally use it during the colder months. I have two of the Body Shop Blusher Brushes, one for a bronzer and one for a blusher. I tend to swirl some bronzer all over my face once I have applied my foundation, and then apply the Body Shop Baked-To-Last Blusher which is a fantastic product. I like a glowing rose look, especially during the Winter. I just apply a small amount to my cheeks brushing upwards. This blusher has a slight shimmer effect to so that it doesn't look too harsh. It is possible on nights out, whilst intoxicated, to apply too much, and end up walking round looking similar to a clown! I tend to leave this one at home now.
05 Lightening Touch: The Body Shop £14.00 The Lightening Touch pen also from The Body Shop is great for any dark circles and blemishes. This is quite expensive but definitely doe's what it says on the pen. It also is great for brightening up areas especially around the eyes which are definitely a target for dark circles, and looking tired.
06 Eyeshadow Brush: Boots Not a lot to say about the eyeshadow brush. It's one of boots own and does the job so I don't particularly feel the needs to spend a lot of money on one.
07 Brown Eyeshadow in Mardi Gras: 17 @ Boots Having quite dark hair and dark eyes I have stuck with one eyeshadow and one eyeshadow only: 17 in Mardi Gras which is a nice metallic, shimmering brown. It's not too harsh, and I wear it every day. I tend to brush over the eyelid and also under my bottom lashes.
08 Stay Perfect Metallic Eyes Pencil: No7 £6.50If I had to choose one to live with out of my make-up bag it would have to be my eyeliner. I have always made my eyes up quite dark, I wear a lot of eyeliner over my top eyelid and pencil a small amount under my bottom lashes on top of the eyeshadow. I use to, and still do, occasionally wear Rimmel's Liquid Eyeliner however I love No7 Metallic Black eye pencil. The amount I wear it doesn't always last me that long, however it's the perfect texture. It's not too harsh, and instead is more of a creamy texture for easy and smooth application. Definitely a 10/10 from me.
09 & 10 Exceptional Definition in Black: No7 £11.00 & Lash Adapt in Deepest Black: No7 £12.95My mascaras are also an important part of my daily make-up routine, and I can be very picky. I have used the No7 mascaras for several years now and haven't considered changing anytime soon. As you can see I have two mascaras, and yes I use them one after another. The Exceptional Definition in Black is the one I apply first. I have never liked a proper brush mascara wand, and instead I tend to pick the rubber ones. I tend to find they don't soak up so much mascara, and don't end up making your eyes look clumpy. The last adapt has a rubber wand which is perfect for adding a bit of colour, but is mainly used to separate and elongate the lashes. I then wait a little for it to dry before applying the Last Adapt Mascara in Deepest Black which then coats the lashes to build volume. The deepest black is great for achieving a dramatic look. As I tend to like my eyes to be quite dramatic, the eye products I use are good for achieving this. 
The Body Shop and No7 currently have some great offers online and in-store.The Body Shop currently have some online offers on body butters and other great things. They also offer 3 for 2 but not at present. Construct a wish list and wait for the offers. Find out more hereNo7 have 3 for 2 Mix & Match across selected No7 products. Find out more here
What are your favorite make-up essentials? Anything you think may sway me?

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