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A New View on Rio

By Dwell @dwell
This tilt-shift video reveals revelers at Rio's Carnaval in a whole new light. Photo

Recently discovered on Vimeo: The City of Samba, an eye-popping video produced during Rio de Janeiro's Carnaval in 2011. Using Nikon D3s camera bodies, a modified enlarger, and large format lenses on bellows, collaborators Keith Loutit and Jarbas Agnelli captured the sprawling city as it never appears to the naked eye—as a tiny city and beach populated by tiny people, all at a dollhouse scale, moving like tiny wind-up toys. It's the magic of the tilt-shift effect, which simulates a miniature scene using an extremely shallow depth of field. Check out the video, and please share your favorite examples of tilt-shift videos or photography with us in the comments section.

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