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A New Twist to a Lemonade Stand

By Coreyamaro

Water lemonade


On a scorching summer day, water, ice cold water smooths the dry spot.

My mother who disapproves of soda pop and bottled water, has a way with serving ice cold water to the many grandchildren that gather at her home.


Mint and lemons on ice

My Mother takes out her large glass water fountain, layers it with ice, sliced lemons, chopped cucumbers, and fresh mint from her garden and sets it outside. Sometimes she adds halved strawberries to it as well.


Summer days

Outside under the tree, on a rickety wooden table sets the water fountain.

Sacha's rooster, (or is it a chicken?) pecks at the grass.

Cups are stacked on the bottom shelf for easy serving.


Glasses on an old stand


Glasses can be used, but as some of the grandchildren are little, plastic is often used.

A white linen with lace is used to spruce up the everyday occasion of thirst, and to add a touch of old fashion sweetness to the day.

My mother's way with seeing that no detail is overlooked, and how she can appreciate beauty in everyday moments, has wrapped my memories of childhood in a bundle of joy.


Lemonade stand


A new twist to the lemonade stand.

Did you ever have a lemonade stand?



If you want to have a jar such. as my mom's (she found hers years ago at a second hand store) look here...INFUSION JAR.



In a five gallon infusion jar layer it with:

Add ice, about five inches thick,

Then lightly cover the ice with whole mint leaves, chopped cucumbers, sliced lemons and strawberries.

Repeat the layers until you reach the top. Then add water until the half way mark. Let it sit for an hour or more. Add water as needed.



This is a repost from 2011...

simply because when Summer comes

I miss being back home the most.


A New Twist to a Lemonade Stand
A New Twist to a Lemonade Stand
A New Twist to a Lemonade Stand
A New Twist to a Lemonade Stand
A New Twist to a Lemonade Stand
A New Twist to a Lemonade Stand

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