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A New Release & Guest Post from C.M. Albert

By Stacyeaton @StacySEaton

 A New Release & Guest Post from C.M. Albert

A New Release & Guest Post from C.M. Albert
Thanks so much for having me on your blog today! It’s been a whirlwind few months with my debut Kindle World novella, Faith in Love, that released March 2; my second book, Redd’s Descent, which released May 31; and my new Kindle World novella, Last Night in Laguna, coming out July 7. I feel like I’ve been on a non-stop roller coaster. But not a fancy new one that is a sleek and smooth ride, but rather one of the old wooden ones, that’s a little herky-jerky, gives you whiplash and neck strain on the turns, and leaves you breathless and exhilarated by the time you’re done.
I wouldn’t have it any other way. 
I’ve had readers and friends ask me along the way what my writing process looks like and how I plot out my books, how far in advance I write them, and how I’m getting them out so quickly. Because I’ve been talking about writing a novel my entire life, and then wham! I came in like a wrecking ball…(ha!)
As far as plotting out my books, I have a dirty little secret…I’m a panster. Usually when I start writing a book, I have a general theme, idea, trope, or character already in my head that flicks on the light bulb and gets the creative juices flowing. Once I get a bone to chew, I let that start driving the story. For me, characters and dialog are my strength, so I usually just put them in a room together and let them start interacting. I may not use everything 100% how I first start writing it—it’s like character creative brainstorming—but it gets me started along the path. 
And here’s the thing: I let the characters DRIVE the plot. Yes, I let the voices in my head direct a majority of the story. I imagine the characters throwing lumps of clay onto a pottery spinning wheel, and I’m the artist, molding what comes to life with my hands. It’s a beautiful symbiosis and works well for me (I think).
It usually takes me a few months to write a novella. A full-length might take a few months longer, and I suspect the majority of that work will be in the details and weaving in consistency and plot points along the way to bring it all together. These first three books of mine were all novella | short-novel length, all coming in around 40-50K words. And, to be honest, I had Redd’s Descent written two years ago, lost it in a computer crash, it was resurrected from the matrix, and I was able to finish it and squeeze in its release this spring, finally seeing my dark beauty come to life! But usually my release dates will NOT be every two months, I can guarantee that. I have two small kids. I still can’t pee uninterrupted, let alone pop out books this fast. 
But I look forward to sharing a small snippet from Redd’s Descent below. I’m most active on Facebook, so pop on over to my author page to stay up to date on Last Night in Laguna’s release, to talk books, and for awesome prize giveaways. I love sharing books and my love of reading, so I’m constantly giving books away!
Thanks so much for having me, Stacy! 
A New Release & Guest Post from C.M. Albert

REDD’S DESCENT: a twisted retelling of Little Red Riding Hood

Book 1 of The Dark Woods Series ~ the dark fairy tales your mother never told you about
Genre: Dark fairy tale, paranormal/shifter, Gothic, Gaelic, for 18+ due to mild violence and explicit risqué adult content
SHORT EXCERPT It felt as if his fist had connected with steel, his hand hurting far worse than he’d care to admit. While he broke skin on the wolf’s lip, she simply licked it, growling with pleasure.    “Are ye done yet?”    Redd inhaled sharply, fear racing through his veins like ice. For the first time in his life, he felt powerless.    “If yer gonna know me carnally, then ye can at least call me by my name, creature.”    She let her head fall back, her chest leaning forward as her hands ran slowly down her sensuous curves, her laughter turning into moans.    “What does that sweet wife of yers call ye while yer thrusting between her legs like a human?” she said, mocking their union.    “Redd. My name is Redd Kearney,” he growled at her. “What do yer people call ye? Yer Royal Bitch?”    “Close. They call me Mac Tíre. Ye may call me Mac when ye are screaming with pleasure for me.”    “You’ll nay hear yer name from these lips then, wolf.”

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A New Release & Guest Post from C.M. Albert 

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