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A New Regime in Los Angeles

Posted on the 09 March 2012 by Thehangline

Sacha Baron Cohen - Dictator Movie Billboard - Military

Los Angeles residents recently woke up to a stunning sight. Billboards had been replaced with giant Kim-Jong-Il-esque portraits. A dominant military leader. And apparently a superstar in every major American sport (the trophy is a mash-up of the Lombardi Trophy, the Stanley Cup, and the World Series Trophy).

This is a teaser campaign for Sacha Baron Cohen’s new movie, The Dictator, which follows in the vein of Borat and Bruno. No logo. No release date. No information at all (except for some well-hidden studio logos in the corner). Instead of just promoting a movie, the marketing team behind The Dictator is creating an entire experience. They’ve turned outdoor ad space into propaganda. They’ve created a fake country. Cohen even showed up in character at the Academy Awards. We’re not just watching a movie. We’re becoming a part of it. Transforming a landscape and shaking up reality might be the ultimate use of outdoor advertising.

Sacha Baron Cohen - Dictator Movie Billboard - Trophy

The Dictator Movie Square Billboard

[via Daily Billboard]

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