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A New Queen Size Box Spring Calls For A New Duvet

By Zenbedrooms @zen_bedrooms

So you’ve found the perfect new queen size box spring. Now your task is to find the perfect new duvet to go on your new box spring. Shopping for the perfect duvet can be a fun task. 
First, you must decide on the colors for your room. Once you decide on your colors you need to decide if you want a plain colored duvet or if you want a design on your duvet. The next task is to decide if you want a fluffy duvet or if you would rather have a duvet that is thin. 
A New Queen Size Box Spring Calls For A New Duvet
If you decide you want a fluffy duvet, then you have a couple of choices. One fluffy duvet choice is a duvet made of down. These duvets are extremely fluffy, warm and soft. However, down duvets are constantly losing feathers and thus getting feathers all over the bed and floor. An alternative to down duvets is the microfiber duvet. The microfiber duvet is just as fluffy, soft and warm as the down duvet, but does not shed feathers. Also, the microfiber duvet is hypoallergenic. 
If, however, you decide that the microfibre duvet will be too warm or fluffy for your taste, you can go the route of getting a summer duvet. The summer duvet will be made of a lighter and more airy fabric. Summer duvets and microfiber duvets can be found in the same place. Their prices are comparable. Both come in a variety of colors and design choices. It, then becomes you to ask yourself, “Do I want something super fluffy and warm, or would I rather have something light and airy?” Once your question is answered, it is time to have fun shopping for your new box spring!

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