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A New Look at Technology in Design

By Decorology @decorology_blog
Sometimes it can feel like technology can get in the way of our home decor. A huge screen TV might not go along with your rustic look, but thankfully there are some clever ways of designing your space around your screens:
A New Look at Technology in Design via Houzz
Built in cabinets are a great way to go! You can mount the TV on the wall or just place inside the cabinet and have a gorgeous space without the eye sore of screens, wires, and devices that with it!
Clever way to hide the tv via dwellerswithoutdecorators
A fireplace is a gorgeous focal point of a room. A TV sitting above it is not! Having this slide away piece on top of the fireplace gives you that gorgeous focal point when it's put away and functional for every day living. 
Hidden TV via mcinteriors
Under the stairs storage has always been a favorite of mine. Storing your TV in the under stair storage is a brilliant idea! It won't break up the flow of the room when it's put away and when you do have it out, it's in perfect view with the rest of the room! 
A New Look at Technology in Design
via Houzz

Using a large photo split in two is a brilliant way to hide the TV. I love the idea of the ceiling mount track for the pictures so you could change out the art pieces if you wanted to later.

Riddling Rack Media Solution | Pottery Barn    Not crazy about the cover of this TV cover, but the photo shows basically how it is assembled.  Would prefer the covering to be artwork rather than the champagne bottle holders...

via potterybarn

Buying a good old fashioned wall mount to set your TV in is perfect if you are looking for a quick and easy fix!

Spicer + Bank: by Allison Egan: Designer Tip: A Beautifully Hidden TV

via pinterest
Don't like the thought of going through the trouble to hide your TV? Try using your it as a centerpiece for your art. Placing your pictures around the it strategically can give the wall a great look without covering up the screen. 

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