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A New Guest Bath with a Metallic Plaster Finish

By Lindaleyble @LindaLeyble


modern bath in gray and white tones

The Completed Guest Bath

Just a quick post today.  I helped a client recently who could not come up with the right color for her new guest bath.  The bath was done in gray, white and pearl tones and so my client figured that a clean white would work for the walls – it didn’t.  I brought over all the gray and white colors that I thought would work – they didn’t…and I knew why.

closeup of the metallic finishi

Closeup of the plaster finish

A static color just would not work in this room – it needed depth and variation. One of the reasons I went into the faux finishing industry in the first place was because of how you could come up with a finish that would blend with even the most difficult of interiors.  Using a glaze over a static color could always “save” a room whose color seemed impossible to pick.  A Venetian or a Metallic Plaster could always give depth and you could always pull two colors together and softly blend them.  A decorative finish – done correctly – was always the remedy for a difficult room.

Crushed Pearl metallic plaster in a guest bath

I wish I had taken a picture of the room with the white walls – because it just looked so bland.  I knew that this room neededsome kind of a soft, light Pearlish Gray metallic finish, so I brought along a sample of a Crushed Pearl Metallic Plaster.  The client was ecstatic – it blended with everything in the room and she loved it.

During the plaster process...Ok, so i didn't do my hair!!!

During the plaster process…Ok, so i didn’t do my hair!!!

It took me a day to do the finish and I think it came out really beautiful.  I troweled on two layers of the material – a full strength layer and one with some water added to the mix, which gives it some shine.  The way this finish catches the light {and there are no windows in this room, so light is at a minimum} really helps give luminescence and depth.  It’s a beautiful thing!

I don’t know how it is in other states, but here in New York, the faux finish industry has just about shriveled up.  Many schools have closed their doors because of lack of attendance and also because many faux finishers are not buying any of the great products that are available.  The economy is, of course, to blame but I think that it’s sad that this has happened to a once thriving industry. 


A New Guest Bath with a Metallic Plaster Finish

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