A New Experience

Posted on the 16 May 2020 by Views She Writes @ViewsSheWrites

He was taking her to the place he worked today. She was over the moon. She would finally get to see where he goes off everyday, so religiously. She was almost bouncing on her seat through the entire drive to his work. He laughed at her enthusiasm. “You may not even like that place so much, you know. It is just a boring office.” But she didn’t think so. She knew she would have fun considering how much she liked seeing new faces.

They reached and she immediately fell in love with the place. Lush trees and large open areas around his office were so beautiful. Inside, his office floors were carpeted and so soft. They reached his desk and she saw he had a picture of the both of them on his desk. She walked around his place looking at everything but not daring to touch anything just yet. It was all so new to her.

She was just about to explore the rest of the office space when she noticed that he was not there with her anymore. She turned around to look for him and saw him chatting with someone else. Her eyes narrowed as he focussed his attention more on that someone. But when he leans over to touch her hair and gets a kiss in return, she could hold it in no more. With a growl, she runs over to them and barks at her competition. Her human is her human. No other dog should get his attention or even come near him. “My dog is very possessive of me,” he laughs and picks her up to a cuddle.

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