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a New Approach to Blogging & Ph Monitoring Test.

By Jadecharlotte @jadeodonnell_
So the last time I posted on here it was January, I was stuck in a rut with both my health (not that it's actually gotten any better) and with blogging. I'd completely fallen out of love with the whole concept and due to how ill I was at the time I couldn't be bothered - or even had the energy to sit down and write endlessly.
Since then I've focused my attention to my Instagram. It seemed less of a chore and suited my circumstances (vomiting endlessly) to turn that into a little mini blog all of its own with micro captions and a snazzy photo or two.
A lot has happened from then to now so I thought I'd see how it goes with posting those little updates/blog posts on here too. I don't think i'll post every single post between January and now. More so a few important ones and then start off with the time I said "screw it, I hate trying to be girly" (I tried keeping up with the typical Instagram aesthetic pink theme and hated it with every fiber of my being. You'll see it's a fun post.) and then continue with the ones that are more authentically me.
Without delaying it any longer, here's the time I had to have a PH Monitoring test and spent a whole 24 hours doing an Oscar-worthy impression of the Exorcist. Hey, if you can't try and find even a slither of humor in these things all you can do is cry.
a new approach to blogging & ph monitoring test.24 hour PH Monitoring testOriginally posted: 19th March 2019
Meet my latest (for the next 24 hours) fashion accessory. Not gonna lie I feel crap, my throat kills & I vomited exorcist style all over the lovely nurse when they put in the first tube which was twice the size of this one (to test the muscles in the esophagus. This one is monitoring the acid reflux/belching/vomiting I constantly get) but it’s in & that’s the important thing. Apart from that I’m ok just counting down the hours until it can come back out & with any luck, get some answers as to what causes it all. I've got so much love & respect for tubies everywhere who have it so much worse & live with these tubes & monitors 24/7, honestly, how do you do it? I'm going to attempt to document this process in the hope it may help someone out there going through a similar thing so if you’re interested, click on my Instagram highlights. Also excuse the filter (although much needed) as I look rather bleh.a new approach to blogging & ph monitoring test.Originally posted: 20th March 2019Don’t be alarmed, the tube is out & the test is over! Just was chuffed at managing to do a bit of makeup yesterday without dislodging anything or ending up with concealer everywhere! So at a quick first glance, annoying nothing horrifically wrong showed up (typically.) However, I did belch/burp approximately 563 times in 15 hours (minus the 9 hours I was asleep) during the 24 hour period, which to me isn’t normal at all! Hopefully everything will be back by next week and my doctor can see where we go forward. A massive thank you to everyone who messaged, it was really comforting to know there’s people around me who care & understand. You’re all wonderful

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