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A Mother's Hand

By Nancymccarroll
Happy Mothers' Day to All
Inspiration Avenue, hosted by Shelley and her mom, Loretta, is challenging you to participate in something to do with a mother's hands.  Loretta says...
Did you know that the word hand appears in the King James Bible 1296 times? Now that definitely shows us how important hands were to God, our creator. Don’t you know He put a lot of thought into creating our hands, knowing all the things they would do for us in our day to day activities?
A Mother's Hand
Being uninspired, but loving the picture of my mother and me in 2000 just before she died, I used it as a tool to try and draw my mother's hands; in this case, it was her left hand.  
I had always loved her hands.  Those bright red fingernails were one of her fashion signatures.
This is the sketchbook drawing:
A Mother's Hand
And here is mother's (cropped) left hand.
A Mother's Hand
It was a true art challenge, but it was a way to say "Happy Mother's Day" in a fond remembrance.
Please go here and join in the challenge.

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