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A Mom's Story of Her Teen's Drug Addiction

By Slattenk

Susán Hoemke dreamt of a perfect family - a loving husband and four beautiful children.When their oldest son, Hayden, became addicted to drugs, she struggled with how to respond.How could this possibly be happening to their upper-class, Christian family?  
By the time Hayden was 10-years-old, she had dreams warning her of the Hayden’s problems.While her subconscious recognized what was happening, consciously it was too troubling to acknowledge.Even after entering Hayden into a $30,000 wilderness camp program for troubled teens, she was shocked to hear the counselors refer to him as a drug addict.  
Healing Scarred Hearts is Susán’s story of dealing with Hayden’s drug addiction, stealing, sex-offender arrest, jail time and ultimately his death.This story will help you think about how your response to a child’s red flag behaviors may effect the outcome.  

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