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A Miracle, Well at This Moment It is

By Coreyamaro

I feel like I might jinx this if I say it, but on the other hand it is so surprising I have to say something. It is such a rare gift!

Since I was fourteen I have had a migraine at least every ten days or less. If it hasn't been full blown, lasting for a few days, it only means that I have "caught" it in time. Medication has been my only peace of mind. I have tried nearly everything... the only thing that has helped is prescription migraine medication.

For reasons unknown to me I haven't had a migraine in three weeks. I hope I don't get one tomorrow. But at this moment it feels like a miracle... no pain in three weeks.

Maybe age has something to do with it. I have noticed that my migraines are not as dreadfully painful or last as long as they use to.  Some say menopause brings a silver lining... no more migraines! But I have been menopaused since I was thirty five so that cannot be true for me.

Whatever the reason... I am happy. I hope it lasts forever.

Do you have migraines?


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