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A Message From The 'Meriwether Lewis Memorial Eisteddfod Foundation' ( Please Circulate )

By Americymru @americymru

We're sending this to everyone in our address book and if this isn't of interest to you or you can't remember who the heck we are or why we'd be writing you, our sincere apologies!
We run an Oregon arts and culture non-profit, the Meriwether Lewis Memorial Eisteddfod Foundation. An eisteddfod is a Welsh performing arts festival and the purpose of our non-profit is to bring Welsh art and artists to the US, to introduce Americans to these traditions and give American artists this opportunity to present their work. We've done three years of presenting this festival, the first two years in Portland the third in LA. We brought Welsh musicians, authors and artists to American audiences, writers from our first two years gave free presentations and lectures at Portland area schools and libraries on writing and poetry and spoke at Wordstock. In our third year, more than 2,000 people attended free presentations on music, literature, poetry and heritage at Barnsdall Art Park in Hollywood and found our more about Welsh people in America.
We are 100% funded by donations, we're full-time + volunteers who take no pay, all proceeds of donations go to fund the programs we deliver and we need help to make it happen.
Chase Bank is doing the Chase Community Giving competition on Facebook again this year: basically, this is a sort of beauty contest for non-profits. Facebook members vote for non-profits and Chase gives out grants as prizes. We're working to get to the bottom tier and qualify for one of several $25,000.00 grants, which would be enough to fund our annual arts and heritage festival and fund another smaller event in addition, like a writing activity for school children or a local literary and literacy event.I'm writing to ask you to please vote for us in the Chase competition now - if you're a Facebook member, log in and vote at the link, below, if not, please consider joining Facebook to vote for us at the link below. Just click on the link, log in, click the button to like the application at the top left and then click the big, green VOTE button on the page:
Make sure you vote by hitting the big, green VOTE button, not just like the charity or the page. If you have any trouble, if the VOTE button doesn't work or something else goes wrong, please email me or message me on Facebook at and let me know!
(After you vote for us, you have nine more votes you can cast for other worthy charities.)
This doesn't cost you a penny, will only take a few moments and you can really help us out by doing something quick and easy! We have only two weeks to make it, PLEASE vote for us and help us get there!
Thank you so much for your time and attention -  Gaabriel Becket

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