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A Meaty Matter

By Eemusings @eemusings

It’s funny how your eating habits as a child can shape your eating habits as an adult. I’ve grown to like certain vegetables I would previously never have touched with a barge pole (a subject for an upcoming post…) but by and large my tastes have remained the same. I don’t do green salads and I don’t really know how to deal with solid hunks of meat (we grew up eating stirfries). I think rice pudding and bread and butter pudding are two of the strangest concepts ever. And I’m just not into raw foods in general. At all.

We didn’t eat a lot of pork, either, but it’s something I’ve gotten more used since to living with T. That boy could eat bacon every day, but he also loves crackling, pork chops and roast. I’ll willingly go along with it, as long as he’s cooking – though as I’ve learned, pork can substitute for other meat in practically any dish (here’s one site to bookmark if you’re ever looking for pork recipes).

An interesting aside: pork cuts are getting new names in the US, ostensibly to lift flagging sales. (I don’t think we have the same problem here, as I haven’t seen any NZ Pork ads recently, though Beef + Lamb seems to be doing a bit of a push.) Personally, I always make a beeline for the leanest, cleanest ones – when you’re as noobish of a cook as I am, simple is best.

Are there any foods you’ve learned to like over time?

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