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A Loving Renovation Updates a Rustic Family Home with Reclaimed Materials

By Dwell @dwell
Exterior of a renovated Pennsylvania Colonial

The original Colonial-style exterior included a few small dormers that weren’t large enough to maximize views or welcome natural light into the home. To fix this, Michael installed a series of new ones. Made of standing seam aluminum, they're designed to evoke the feel of local barn windows with a slightly modern twist. 

After living for seven years in the rural Pennsylvania home in which she grew up in, Eva Metzger and her husband, Alloy 5 Architecture president Michael, decided it was time to make the place their own. From the start, the couple, who share the 3,500-square-foot residence with their three children, knew they wanted to devise a new identity for the Colonial-style house that would fuse their love of modern and rustic design. “The difficult part was trying to make what was her family’s home into something that was unique in itself, but at the same time didn’t take away from her memories of the home,” Michael says.

In order to achieve this fine balance, a handful of aspects from the original scheme were preserved, while the rest of the interiors and some exterior features were updated. The Metzgers made sure the renovation paid homage to the surrounding rural landscape, with plenty of floor-to-ceiling windows and reclaimed local materials.  

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