A Lost Diary – My Inspiration to Be a Blogger

Posted on the 18 April 2014 by Amitagulia
I have been writing poems from my school days. All though I write them very rarely, but I do write them. I had a small diary which had my precious collection of 6 to 7 poems. One fine day, I was in the state of shock. I turned my cupboard upside down, emptied it, rearranged by carefully shredding each piece of paper. I was tired. I searched whole house thinking that I might have kept it somewhere else. But, I could not find it. My million dollar precious diary was lost…L

Finally, I do not know after how much time (may be few years), I decided to create a blog. A blog which would keep my writings safe. I told this to my brother and he gave a thumbs up. We did some searching, ran our minds and finally came up with the name “Merry Subdued Happiness”.Yes, my first ever blog was – ‘’.

A Lost Diary – My Inspiration to be a blogger
Question: What inspired me to be a blogger?Answer: A lost diary.I would not lie that the first post on this blog was written entirely by myself. I wrote it and my best friend - Titu – my bro edited it.  Finally, Sunday, August 2, 2009 was the day I posted my first post – sort of introduction to my blog - then, I have been blogging. I created some more blogs: Lost Diary – My Inspiration to be a blogger Lost Diary – My Inspiration to be a blogger The page you are reading now!!! Lost Diary – My Inspiration to be a blogger oops it does not have a single post… :PA Lost Diary – My Inspiration to be a blogger
Sometimes regularly and sometimes after a break. I loved it when I saw my stats growing day by day. A comment on my blog made my day. Question: What is it that still keeps you going?Answer: 
  1. Stats
  2. page views
  4. Name, fame popularity
  5. Having a place where I am not bound to speak/write on anything
  6. AdSense. J (I know you too smiled)

 This post was written in response to IndiSpire.

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