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A Look Back: Weddings Over the Past Century

By Weddingblog2011

Weddings planned today share elements with weddings planned fifty or even a hundred years ago. Whether you're planning a themed wedding from one of the popular decades or you're just interested in seeing how different things were many years ago, this post takes a look at weddings over the past century.

Weddings in 2005

Ten years ago, things weren't much different than they are today. However, there were a few trends back then that we're not seeing so much of today. In 2005, the go-to wedding dress was a mermaid-cut silhouette dress. Brides were crazy about crystals and wanted rhinestones placed everywhere; their bouquet, their dress, their shoes, etc. Feathers were becoming popular and were often added to bouquets as well. The hair trend was down and tousled, while jewelry was vintage. Long, layered necklaces were popular as well as chandelier earrings.

Weddings in 1985

Thirty years ago, things were certainly interesting as far as wedding trends. It's hard to believe things have changed so much, but they definitely have. Dresses were most popular when they had puffy sleeves, cathedral trains and off-the-shoulder necklines. Brides wanted huge, flowing bouquets and the bride's hair was typically worn down, curly or teased, and with feathered or curled bangs.

Weddings in 1965

Ah, the 60's. This unique decade seems to fall between the "housewife era" of the 50's when women were very classy, very ladylike and still expected to behave a certain way and the "gone wild" era of the 70's when women just didn't care what people thought of them.

Dresses were usually simple and elegant shift dresses, and 3/4 sleeve dresses were quite popular. Women wore their hair up, usually in a classic and simple style, with short and stylish veils. Bouquets were smaller, but often still had the cascade look, many with trailing ribbons.

Weddings in 1945

In 1945, many brides married military men, so they were often photographed with husbands in uniform. Dresses tended to be all-covering, with long sleeves, high necklines, and floor-length skirts. Lace was very popular, as were intricate and cathedral-length veils.

Often, veils featured headbands with huge flowers or lace embellishments. Many brides carried huge bouquets, not only long but very wide as well. Jewelry was simple, pearl stud earrings or a string of pearls around the neck, and hair was worn down and short, styled as it was every day.

Weddings in 1925

The flapper-era is one of the most elegant eras of all time. Brides were so elegant and gorgeous, and took their wedding day attire very seriously. Most dresses were loose-fitting (sometimes belted at the waist), long-sleeved shift dresses with lace embellishments here and there.

Veils were very long, trailing feet behind the brides, and most wore lace bridal caps or headpieces. Stockings and boots were also worn, and bouquets at this point were still very large, and often featured cascading flowers and trailing ribbons.

Weddings in 1905

Weddings at the beginning of the 20th century were very elegant, formal affairs. The bride typically wore dresses with high necks (often boat neck style necklines), and sashes or cording around the waist.

These dresses often featured embellishment around the neckline, usually lace or ties. Many brides wore gloves, and the hairstyles were the popular 1905 pompadours, veils attached at the top/back. Bouquets at this point were simple; a handful of flowers and/or greenery tied together and carried down the aisle.

Which is your favorite era? Will (or did) your wedding feature any elements from weddings of the past? Share with us in the comments below!

A Look Back: Weddings Over the Past Century

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