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A Little Group Experience and the Conclusion of the Group Life

By Luphil

I would like to share a short personal-impersonal group experience.

Each year when I go to India I order books of the WTT to replenish what has been going out during the previous year with the free book distribution. This year I am traveling along and two days ago the balance of a friend showed that the weight of my exceeded by far the luggage limits.

I listened inside what to do and then informed yesterday morning the group about it. I said, whosoever wants to help taking books and bringing / giving them for May Call in Switzerland in May could come to my room, even if if it is just for one or 2 books. Although all also had full suitcases, many came and took a few books. Now many of the books are traveling different ways and my luggage is again well within the limits… And I feel thankful about this experience.

The theme of the seminar was The Pythagorean Decad – the Cosmic Person in relation to us as the microcosm – I didn’t mention it in the blog, might be too specific of most readers… This morning I had to think of a paper artwork I did autumn 1990. It was about the manifestation of the cosmic person and the macro-micorcosm relation. The work was done with transparent paper glued on the glass of a door and I dissolved it when we left that apartment in April 1992. It shows how from the One the Three come out, then the 5 and man, the microcosm, surrounded by the 5 elements. You can see it as a little visual summary of the seminar. I haven’t published it elsewhere up to now – it’s a primer


So like the first post on my journey to India started with a painting this last post also concludes with a little work of art. I’ll depart this afternoon and might visit a friend during the stop in Hyderabad.

A Little Group Experience and the Conclusion of the Group Life

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