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A Little Friday Fun Day

Posted on the 17 April 2015 by Doggone
An animated political cartoon,

And a little mondo bizarro science, not just an every-day ordinary hair transplant, but the possible whole-head transplant onto a donor body.  Surgical candidate is Russian, with the surgery itself being touted as taking place either in China or the US.
Given the alleged trafficking in donor organs, including rumored surgical thefts of organs from prisoners, especially political prisoners, I'd bet on China as the location, if this ever takes place.  There might be too many medical ethics issues to overcome for this to take place in the United States.  Or at least, I hope there are.
Very reminiscent of some of the classic sci-fi.  Of course, in the story "I Will Fear No Evil" by Robert Heinlein, the surgery involved a brain transplant from a man into a woman, set in the early 21st century in which an aging rich  man's brain is transplanted into a young, beautiful, healthy body.   The IBTimes has excellent coverage for those who are not too squeamish.
Also not for the squeamish, the Heinlein novel "I Will Fear No Evil" was published in 1970, the same year a mad scientist did a monkey head transplant.  You can read about that here.
You can either consider it a novel conversation topic (pun on novel) for the weekend, or maybe just sufficiently macabre that youll want to drink to get the notion out of your head.

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